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Compliments, Comments
& Complaints About the Service

Staff aim to create an atmosphere in which our Service users feel able to pass compliments about the Service, and comment or make suggestions without having to resort to a formal complaint.

Compliments and positive feed back, help to encourage and maintain a high standard of service. We do get it wrong sometimes, and a comments and complaints procedure helps to put it right, and stop the same thing happening again.

The process provides an additional means of monitoring and quality control, and it should generate discussion, so that lessons can be learnt and the service improved.

We encourage comments (i.e. informal suggestions, “moans”, requests or queries about the service), and endeavour to deal with them in such a manner so that something does not need to become a complaint, as we feel that this reflects everyday life, and involves necessary skills for our clients to learn.

To this end, everyone is encouraged to approach any member of staff, and if they feel the answer is inadequate to bring it to the attention of Cliff or Mary Freeman (Directors) or Laraine Colbran (Service Manager) who will attempt to resolve the problem.  If the person concerned so wishes, the managers will then instigate our own Complaints Procedure and they will be given written information regarding this process and information about how to refer the matter to their  Care Co-ordinator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and/or the Commissioning and Procurement Team for the local authority that contracted their care and support from Sunny Bank PRS.

The Commission’s Address:

Care Quality Commission - CQC
National Customer Service Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne

Tel: 03000 616161
Fax: 03000 616171

The local Bury Commissioning
& Procurement Team:

Bury Council
Department for Communities & Wellbeing Procurement Service

Room 16 Town Hall
Knowsley Street

Tel: 0161 253 6380

Further details on this procedure are available at Sunny Bank in the client information folder (in the conservatory), on the notice board and in each bedroom folder at Sunny Bank, and at the supported accommodation.

It is anticipated by Sunny Bank PRS that Local Authority Social Services Departments will issue their clients with their own information concerning complaints directly related to Social Services.

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