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A family member of a resident has said;

"It's an excellent home run by people with high standards who care about each individual"

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Members of Staff have
commented to Inspectors

“Our role is to ensure that clients fulfil their potential”

“I want the home to be as clean and tidy as possible and I also support the clients in maintaining good standards of hygiene”

“Food is important to people, it is a big part of our lives. I help with the rehabilitation by planning cookery and baking workshops”

“They are on the ball here, everyone gets training and to attend meetings”

“We have lots of opportunities to make suggestions. It doesn't matter if it's your area or not. If I have a suggestion on rehab that can improve things it is taken on board. if anyone has suggestions on house keeping I am happy to get the help”

“We have clients who have Aspergers so it helps us to understand their needs by doing the training”

“To support the ILT we did on Aspergers someone is coming in to give us a talk on the subject”

“The manager ran a session for us on sexual diversity. It helped me to understand how I could talk to people about their relationships in a tactful way”

“If the manager doesn't think something is right she lets you know. You also get told when you have dome something well, which is a lot more common”

“If I need to talk to the managers about something personal or if something is bothering me they will always take the time to listen”

“They have put together the ILT boxes which really help”

“We have been putting together new databases that are designed specifically for our homes. They will make the job easier and training has been arranged for people”

“I will discuss with the client what their needs are. Not from my perspective but from theirs. I can influence the care plan and that makes me accountable for their care”

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